your wedding photos are meant to be printed

There’s no doubt about it. Few things compare to experiencing your wedding photos in a tangible medium. As convenient and share-able as digital media has become, it’s also ever-changing. On the other hand, printed photographs are device-agnostic; they last for lifetimes and carry with them the nostalgic feelings of the fleeting moments they represent. After all, wouldn’t you agree that it’s so much more fun to look through a box of old family photos than it is to flip through a digital gallery? Which is why we’re proud to offer a line of some of the most beautiful photo books on the market and feature minimalistic and contemporary aesthetics that perfectly complement the elegant and timeless imagery we create.


Choose between Italian leathers or Japanese linens. You can’t go wrong either way.

Our leather albums feature a choice of 5 different shades of beautifully aged Italian leather and our linen albums feature a stunning collection of Japanese silks and linens in multiple colors. Whether you prefer a simple and elegant look or a more rustic and vintage feel you’ll walk away with a timeless album that will age beautifully in the years to come.


– Each one of our albums is artfully and uniquely designed for you and features your favorite images from your wedding day.

– All of our albums are bound in a flush mount format. Each page lays completely flat, without a crease in the center. This allows for beautiful full two-page spreads.

– Our album pages are printed onto archival photographic paper that doesn’t fade or get discolored overtime, ensuring that your album looks as beautiful in 10 years as it will on the day you receive it.

– Each printed spread is hand-mounted onto thick mat board that doesn’t bend or crease

– Each album can hold up to 40 spreads.

– All leather and linen albums are available in three different sizes: 8×8″ 10×10″ & 12×12″