As a photographer myself, I’m extremely selective when it comes to choosing someone for a photo session.  Christina was the obvious choice for us!  Isaac and I had a fantastic time working with her.  We are both very camera shy, but Christina’s direction helped us to feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera almost immediately.  By the end of the session, Isaac and I felt as though we were on a date rather than getting photos taken, which was quite the pleasant surprise.  The entire process was a breeze and we now have amazing photos on our walls because of it.  Christina is extremely talented, humble, and I’d recommend her to anyone in the area.

Rachel Ashcraft, Wedding Photographer

New England and Vermont Film Wedding Photographer

“Whenever I learn that Christina Bernales and I are working on a wedding together, I am always so excited because I know her images will be the best representation of my work. Christina’s gorgeous, light-filled style of photography is both modern and timeless, truly setting her apart from the rest. I appreciate how well she captures each wedding’s visual details with such intention, telling the whole story of a day that otherwise can fly by. On a personal level Christina is also a pleasure to work with, and I am certain that her clients feel the same way. I have noticed how well she artfully balances an unassuming, easygoing shooting style with her high level of expertise to help couples look their best and not feel lost in front of the camera, while still enjoying the moment. I know that someday, when I get married I would definitely book with her, and I recommend you do too — you will not regret it!”

Erin Ostreicher – Nectar & Root

“Christina was perfection. There’s little more that’s more important than documenting your wedding day on film. And to entrust that to someone is difficult and always a risk! I can’t even begin to express how well Christina did at capturing our wedding day. She and her assistant seemed to float around and always being in the right place. Never intrusive, and always barely aware of their presence. We trusted them implicitly. Christina threw off her boots to dash knee-deep into the river to take our picture, and her assistant lay on the grass to get the right angle. They were full of energy, artistry, and enthusiasm. They clearly love what they do, and they do it exceptionally well! Their photos are spectacular. The day is fully preserved thanks to their phenomenal work.”

Sasha & Asch

Sasha gets ready with the help of her closest friends

“Christina and her assistant are both extraordinary talents, but even more than that they both went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable, and happy. From the first time we saw their work we knew we wanted them to capture our wedding weekend. There are no words to express how happy the photographs made my husband and I, and our families. Every detail, every smile, and every dance move was captured perfectly. I will continue to recommend Christina to every engaged couple I know, and am so grateful to have worked with her.”

Alex & Anthony

“We’ve been lucky enough to have Christina capture some of our biggest milestones as a couple. Started with our engagement photoshoot, we were nervous and excited! Christina made us feel so relaxed and really created such a natural photoshoot, which is exactly what we were hoping for. Next, came our wedding day and Christina captured such sweet moments that we’ll treasure forever. Our third but certainly not last session, was a family photoshoot with our one year old son. Christina was so patient and sweet and never made us feel like we needed to rush or push anything. Christina has such a great eye for natural, non posed, photos. We’ve loved all of our experiences with Christina and can’t wait for her to capture more memorable moments for our family!”

Brittany & Mitchell


Christina’s photography captured the essence of the day in all respects. Her portraiture is sensitive and she catches important subtle nuances – especially in the photographs of the ecstatic couple. Christina also is sensitive to ambience and nature – we can feel the sun of the day in her photos, and the gurgle of the glistening river, the breezes that sent autumn leaves dancing, and a warm golden glow seems to suffuse the entire event. All of this beauty and whimsy and transient detail is captured in the photos.

Christina is respectful and so easy to work with. I wanted the ceremony to flow through nature and through the love of the assembled. I have been to all too many weddings where the import of the ceremony is lost, with camera sounds or photographers creeping down the aisles. Not only was the ceremony free of these distractions, but in general, Christina did her work so unobtrusively, it was a stroke of magic that judging from the photos, she was unfailingly in the right place at the right time – even though I was totally unaware of it.

Irene Weigel, Mother of The Bride